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Aldo Accessories is more than just a brand; it is a lifestyle, with a distinct personality. Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Aldo Accessories is an international leader in footwear and accessories with over 2,100 stores in 95 countries. Aldo Accessories continues to grow at a rapid pace globally while never losing sight of its vision of excellence: to make people feel good through the products and services it provides every day. Aldo Accessories’s incredible growth is attributed to the values of love, integrity, and respect, on which its founder and executive chairman, Mr. Aldo Accessories Bensadoun, instilled in the company from day one. Aldo Accessories collections are young in spirit, urban in mindset and on the cutting edge of international style. The Aldo Accessories design teams are comprised of world-class creative talents, who hail from all over the world and travel the globe seeking out the latest in culture and trend directions that will inspire upcoming collections.Aldo Accessories is dedicated to providing quality and cutting-edge trends season after season. Its team of buyers and stylists are constantly on the lookout for trends that will appeal to each market, delivering fashion to a diverse customer base at prices that make keeping up with seasonal styles a luxury within reach.

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  • Aldo_23340403_FLASH_28
    Aldo Accessories

    Flash Totes - Brow..

    Flash Totes - Brown - 28 - FW16

    Rs. 6,990
  • Aldo_23340403_PATERNO_98
    Aldo Accessories

    Paterno Handbag - ..

    Paterno Handbag - Black - 98 - FW..

    Rs. 6,490
  • Aldo_23340403_PICOU_98
    Aldo Accessories

    Picou Sling Bag - ..

    Picou Sling Bag - Black - 98 - FW..

    Rs. 6,490 Rs. 4,540 (30%)
  • Aldo_23340403_TIPPEY_71
    Aldo Accessories

    Tippey Handbag - W..

    Tippey Handbag - White - 71 - SS1..

    Rs. 7,490 Rs. 5,240 (30%)
  • Aldo_23340403_IBIASA_81
    Aldo Accessories

    Ibiasa Sling Bag -..

    Ibiasa Sling Bag - Metallic - 81 ..

    Rs. 3,990 Rs. 2,790 (30%)
  • Aldo_23340403_GILLIAM_98
    Aldo Accessories

    Gilliam Sling Bag ..

    Gilliam Sling Bag - Black - 98 - ..

    Rs. 7,990 Rs. 5,590 (30%)
  • Aldo_PERIRIEN_98
    Aldo Accessories

    Peririen Handbags ..

    Peririen Handbags - Black - 98 - ..

    Rs. 5,999
  • Aldo_LOVERANIA_55
    Aldo Accessories

    Loverania Handbags..

    Loverania Handbags - Pink - 55 - ..

    Rs. 4,999
  • Aldo_LOVERANIA_62
    Aldo Accessories

    Loverania Handbags..

    Loverania Handbags - Red - 62 - S..

    Rs. 4,999
  • Aldo_LOWELL_28
    Aldo Accessories

    Lowell Handbags - ..

    Lowell Handbags - Brown - 28 - SS..

    Rs. 6,999