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Aldo India revives under fashion runway of footwear, accessories and leather goods. This brand originates from Canada. Today ALDO is one of the India’s leading fashion retailers specializing in the design and production of quality, stylish and accessible footwear and accessories. Aldo has an unsurpassed knowledge of leather shoes brands. This sought-after brand pays close attention to detail and to fine craftsmanship. ALDO is dedicated to bringing you both quality and cutting-edge trends at affordable prices, season after season. Aldo also has a great and stunning variety of accessories under ALDO ACCESSORIES. Aldo deals with collection of branded shoes online shopping every season in India. It takes your look to next level status as easily by staying flexible. This season aldo has bought back the 70’s style by introducing branded shoes for men. Once in a while it’s good to go to extremes to punch up a look, or to smack your sense of style awake. Our designers who’ve resurrected for a look that’s both on trend and timelessly versatile ALDO places a premium on being a good citizen by working to enrich the communities in which it lives and works. The top shoe brands raises your style game with the more polished and metallic straps. Though our working method is as diverse as our geographical imprint, a common thread remains – our team members are passionate, productive and motivated. ALDO India is a brand with a conscience, a brand that cares. Our goal is to make people good, through our products and services. The result is a productive and fast-paced culture where performance standards are high and a healthy work ethic and overall excellence is celebrated. Your style is your message!!

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  • Aldo_20120803_FIOLLA_35

    Fiolla Heels - Bei..

    Fiolla Heels - Beige - 35 - FW16

    Rs. 7,990 Rs. 3,990 (50%)
  • Aldo_20130501_SAYDDA_93

    Saydda Boots - Bla..

    Saydda Boots - Black - 93 - FW15

    Rs. 12,990 Rs. 4,999 (62%)
  • Aldo_20130803_SEVAYN_29

    Sevayn Boots - Bro..

    Sevayn Boots - Brown - 29 - FW15

    Rs. 11,990 Rs. 4,999 (58%)
  • Aldo_20210101_SEVERAWIEN_28

    Severawien Sneaker..

    Severawien Sneakers - Brown - 28 ..

    Rs. 7,990 Rs. 5,590 (30%)
  • Aldo_20210102_CADMAR_28

    Cadmar Loafers - B..

    Cadmar Loafers - Brown - 28 - FW1..

    Rs. 5,990 Rs. 4,190 (30%)
  • Aldo_20210102_CEARIEN_2

    Cearien Loafers - ..

    Cearien Loafers - Blue - 2 - SS16

    Rs. 5,490 Rs. 3,840 (30%)
  • Aldo_20210102_HAELASIEN_28

    Haelasien Loafers ..

    Haelasien Loafers - Brown - 28 - ..

    Rs. 5,990 Rs. 3,590 (40%)
  • Aldo_20210201_GRAVAGNA_29

    Gravagna Casual Sh..

    Gravagna Casual Shoes - Brown - 2..

    Rs. 9,990 Rs. 6,990 (30%)
  • Aldo_20210501_GOSTANZ_2

    Gostanz Sneakers -..

    Gostanz Sneakers - Blue - 2 - SS1..

    Rs. 6,990 Rs. 4,890 (30%)
  • Aldo_20210502_UFIC_28

    Ufic Loafers - Bro..

    Ufic Loafers - Brown - 28 - FW16

    Rs. 8,990 Rs. 5,390 (40%)