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Brand - Giordano
Giordano is a leading International retailer of men's, women's and children's apparel and accessories. From their beginnings as a manufacturer of casual clothing in the 1970s, Giordano has developed into one of the world’s most renowned, apparel retail brand. By focusing relentlessly on their five corporate business values of quality, knowledge, innovation, service and simplicity (Q.K.I.S.S), they have grown from their single Hong Kong store in 1981 to the present network of over 2000 stores and counters in over 30 countries in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. The company's brands - "Giordano" and "Giordano Junior" - are today synonymous with superior quality, value and service. They also have an apparel manufacturing division that takes care of some of their own retail requirements as well as supplying merchandise to other world renown brands. Giordano’s vision is to be the biggest and best world brand in apparel retailing. Giordano is a dynamic retailer of casual apparel catering to a market that is young and has a thirst for refreshing and affordable clothes. In an industry which is plagued by constantly changing trends that create rising production costs, Giordano has developed a more pliant approach to fashion retailing. The brand’s easy-going mix of relaxed and smart casuals has proved popular for all age groups and nationalities, demonstrating the global appeal of the brand.
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